Here comes the Bride all fat and wide...

...and here comes the broom as skinny as a broom!  (My nephew sang that to me yesterday.  I never knew there was more than "here comes the bride" to that song)

The Wedding is in 6 weeks.

So. Much. To. Do.

So. Much. Money. Spent.

So. Wish. We'd. Eloped.

Bring on the Honeymoon in Scotland and Ireland where I just get to show up and enjoy the festivites instead of having to plan them =)
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Heading to Scandinavia in three weeks time! Going to visit Denmark, Sweden, and Norway! Super excited. Sort of appalled at the cost of things. Dining will be. A minimal affair it's so bloody expensive!

Have barely worked out what were doing yet we've been so picky about where we're staying etc.

Two weeks in cool temperatures will be such a relief! So glad to go north for the summer ;)


must be a blue moon

I have ants. They are in the floors and walls and the clever bastards seem to be able to outmaneuver everything I throw at them. They're so bloody persistent!

Tactically speaking, if we could attach some sort of "everybody calm the eff down" spray to them, we could send them into war torn areas and make everyone chill out. It's not like stopping them is an option!



Having a terrible battle with the head and heart right now. In fact it's an all out war because the heart is very very angry at the head...and the head keeps pointing out that the heart was already injured before the head took after it with an axe with the good intentions of putting it out of its misery.

Why does doing the right thing feel so terribly wrong.

I think the season of watching "Love Actually" on repeat is going to come early this year. :(

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An email to the owners of Murder Burger


So I've just stumbled upon your website. It was love at first site. (<-- get it? 'site' in website/sight. I know I should be ashamed but In the grand scheme of things it's really not my worst).

It appears you speak my language which is just English with a funny accent due to my bi-national origins. But really, not only are you randomly babbley and funny, you sell food. I love food so much I can't live without it. I especially love burgers and nothing makes a burger better than clever signs posting hours of operation. Well maybe a few spices here and there would make it better but clever signage is definitely in the top 10 things that make a burger better.

And then you go and put up a sign that says 'We deliver'. That's when I started to really consider our future together. Long walks on the beach, a summer cottage and little murderburglets running about. Delivered burgers. I have never known such a thing and clearly have therefore not yet lived. Why don't places deliver the burgers and chips? We can get chinese, chicken, and pizza (even a chinese chicken pizza) but no burgers. It's not like the walk to the car is going to undo any of the heart-clogging deliciousness and change the course of the obesity epidemic.

But I digress. I currently reside in Southern California. I specify the southern for no real reason. It's not that I think it makes it cooler or swanky to say I live below the 35th latitude mark in an abstractly delineated plot of land near the pacific ocean, it's just that California is so big it really is two different worlds. I love northern California but it's not where I live. Where I live is important.

It's important because I need you here. You are not here. You are really really far away. In fact we are on opposite sides of the ocean. So how much do you really like it in NZ anyway? Surely you long for distant shores (and by distant I mean mine). And you wouldn't have to miss too much! We have lots of extreme sports and people who talk funny and we can even fill the need for the occasional earthquake for you! We may have less trees and hobbits but we have Hollywood not that far away and can create any world you long for.

So yeah. you should come here. Now. And deliver me funny burgers. Please and thank you. No really. you should do this.

I'm being paid to use my anthropology degree to review contracts and legal language right now so I should probably go and do that.

Thank you for your time and it's been a pleasure discovering you exist today.


P.S. You can even send murderburger minions in your stead. I'm not too demanding =)

Ten Life lessons from Doctor Who

Ten Life Lessons From Doctor Who

I bought a new pair of shoes a couple weeks ago. They’ve been a tremendous help to my sanity. They’re just a pair of plain Converse sneakers to most people, but to me and a few of you, there is a special significance to this brand of shoes. Because Converse sneakers, like a bow tie, or even a fez, are cool. I’m referring of course to Doctor Who. It is one of the few television shows to which I’ll admit I’m a fan. Because, like a few great works of drama, it is entertaining (funny at times, scary at others, and often simultaneously) and is a constant reminder of what is important. The most important things, I’ve often said, are also the things we tend to forget the most easily.

So for my friends in the U.K. and Canada where the show is easily available, here are ten reminders of important life lessons from Doctor Who:

1. Curiosity counts. I was recently asked what is the most important quality in life and, to my surprise, the word that came out of my mouth was “curiosity.” Helen Keller once said “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” If this is true – and I suspect it is – fostering a deep commitment towards curiosity is the distinction between these choices. I don’t think you could survive a lifespan over 900 years without it. Even while being faced with genuine danger, The Doctor is always the embodiment of curiosity. More often than not, it is his curiosity that helps him solve the mystery behind the danger.

“There’s something out of place – let’s go and poke it with a stick.” – The Doctor (Amy’s Choice episode)

Craig & The Doctor in "The Lodger"2. Being weird is cool. Running shoes and a suit, bow ties, or even a fez – none of these things in themselves cool. But being yourself, in all your quirkiness, is. Human societies are good at teaching individuals to mind their place, to keep in line and to conform. We teach our children too often to fit in with society’s expectations. Yet I cannot think of a single person who I admire, or who has accomplished anything extraordinary, who was not weird in some major way.

CRAIG: Has anyone ever told you that you’re a bit weird?
DOCTOR: They never really stop. (The Lodger episode)

3. Life is complicated. Have you ever noticed how quickly most people “understand” something without really understanding it? Whether its your feelings about something, or quantum physics, most humans will listen to only a sentence or two before they begin nodding their heads like they get the whole picture when they have only

RORY: How we can we be outside the universe? The universe is everything.
DOCTOR: Imagine a great big soap bubble with one of those tiny little bubbles on the outside… Well, it’s nothing like that… Yeah. No. But if it helps, yes. (The Doctor’s Wife episode)

are you my mummy?4. People are scary. I don’t know about you, but people scare me. That is plural, as in groups of people. I can relate to anyone one on one, but en masse… that’s when things get scary. In Doctor Who, on one side you have masses of aliens, like the Daleks or Cybermen, trying to change the universe as they have decided it should be. On the other side, you have masses of panicked humans either trampling over each other to get way, looking on with apathy, or just submitting without a struggle.

5. People are amazing. Individually, that is. One at a time. Or in small groups. Really small groups that is. It’s not only the Doctor and the Doctor’s companions who amaze us. Consider Mickey’s transformation from a scared little boy to a man of action, dedication and determination. In fact, any individual the Doctor is able to coax from the crowd usually amazes us.

6. Life is amazing. This goes hand in hand with the curiosity. Miracles surround us if we choose to see them, and the more we try to understand the world around us, the more miraculous it becomes.

Time isn’t a straight line. It’s all… bumpy-wumpy. There’s loads of boring stuff. Like Sundays and Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons. But now and then there are Saturdays. Big temporal tipping points when anything’s impossible. ~ The Doctor (The Impossible Astronaut episode)


Have TARDIS will travel.

7. Home is where your feet are. For someone who is rather a gypsy and does not understand homesickness, this is a reassuring reminder. While Thomas Wolfe maintained “You Can’t Go Home Again,” the Doctor has no home to go back to. And this is mostly okay. We should feel at home wherever we are, I think.

8. Don’t take anything for granted. Stone angel statues that come alive when you close your eyes, an impossible astronaut, walking mannequins… well this list could just go on and on. In Doctor Who it is often the smallest detail that proves to be the most important at the end of an episode. A wink, a whisper, a random comment… again this list cold just go on and on.

9. Embrace new experiences. I made fish sticks and custard for my children a few weeks ago. It was actually pretty good!

Don’t look away. And don’t Blink. ~ The Doctor (this quote being completely out of context, certainly)

10. You can always recreate yourself. I don’t think you need two hearts and a TARDIS to regenerate yourself. With every new experience the human brain rewires itself, creates and uncreates itself on a biological level. This is usually a slow, subtle process, but sometimes, with the snap of one’s fingers, the change can be dramatic and even miraculous. Although in my case, new teeth would be kind of nice.

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Ugh. It is suuuch a pain in the arse trying to figure out how to read people. I've never been good at it.

There are times in your life when you are surrounded by familiarity and you "get" everyone around for the most part. Those times are nice. And then you go and meet new people which is fine at first because everybody's doing the formalities and niceties that come with adding new people to the mix.

But then there comes that stage where the new people are getting kind of regular and the facades are wearing down but you still just don't know them well enough to know how to read them right and you're stuck in this weird hybrid of familiar and formal not having a clue of what buttons are dangerous and what buttons are no big deal...or even if they understand you correctly to know you're not intentionally looking for buttons.

That stage is officially being added to the ever growing list of things I hate.

well that's amusing

So I forgot i had made a couple of posts uber private as they were only pity party notes to myself.

Amusingly enough, the most recent post was a reminder of how upset I was over something that got cleared up. It's very strange reading my mind from a few weeks ago. Its one of those situations where that post will either be a funny story or a red flag that was not heeded at the time and the post will forever serve as an "i told you so".

This is why I regret when I forget to update this thing. I learn so much about myself because I only turn to it when I'm really bored or really upset about something.

Today is a result of the former.